The Josmar Group is born in 1976, thanks to the entrepreneurship of its founder, José Luis Martínez Costas. Back then, the company -called Talleres Josmar, mainly focused on building and repairing fish processing machines.

    Over the years, the Josmar Group has become an international company not only focused on building and repairing fish processing machines, but also full fish factories and spare partsboth for factories and vessels. It has all been possible thanks to Martínez’ entrepreneurial vision and constant commitment to quality and business’ growth.


    The Josmar Group takes great care of every one of its products and carries out strict quality controls that represent an added-value for our clients. Our distinguished quality through the entire manufacturing process, from the design to the final settings, allows us to provide a minimum one-year warranty. This is how sure we are of our work.

    We do not only wish to render an optimal product to our clients, but we are also determined to offer an efficient post-sales service during the whole machine’s life span. Therefore, we have a wide stock of finished products and spare parts available for our clients.


      The Josmar Group is composed of four companies in different parts of the planet. Since the beginning in 1976 with Talleres Josmar S.L., we have always bet on growth and expansion to new fishing areas.

      Currently, the Josmar Group is composed of:

      •  Talleres Josmar S.L. en Vigo
      •  Josmar Hispanoargentina, S.R.L. en Puerto Madryn. (Chubut), Argentina
      •  Josmar Namibia, CC. en Walvis Bay, Namibia
      •  Ingeniería de Proyectos Marinos S.L. en Vigo

      Talleres Josmar S.L.

      C/ Subida a San Roque, 6 36360 Camos, Nigrán, Pontevedra, (España)
      Tlf. + 34 986 367 197 Fax. + 34 986 367 574
      E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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