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    Production capacity of 500 kg/hourof raw material with only 1 operator

    This machine is designed to separate fibrous issue, such as fish muscle from the bones, cartilage, skin, etc. Remains of processed fillets are used as raw material to obtain fish paste free of bones, cartilages and skin.

    Functioning principle:

    The machine is fed with fish remains by the feeding mouth on the top. The fish remains are subjected to a brief pressing process between an elastic band and a perforated drum. Soft tissues are separatedas a result, such as: remaining meat in the bone after the filleting process, fats, tissues, entrails, etc.; those are separated from the rest of hard or rigid materials such as cartilages, skin and bones. During this process, the soft tissues go through the drum to the inside part and, there, they are pulled outside by a helix. Bones, cartilages, skin and scales are pulled out through the drum.

    Examples of uses:

    · We can obtain a paste free of shells from shrimps, caridean shrimps, prawns, etc. The shrimp paste can be used to make croquettes, shrimp fritters, shrimp burgers, etc.

    · From the remains of fillet bones from different species (hake, turbot, trout, halibut, sole, hen fish, gilthead seabream, seabass, cod, etc.), previously gutted, we can obtain high quality fish paste to make “fish-blocks” or fish sausage.

    The fish paste obtained from this machine is used as a base for other products as restored, extruded, stuffed or coated fish, among others. The fish paste will have more or less texture depending on the diameter of the drum used in the separating process.

    This machine is provided with a perforated drum of Ø3 or Ø5 mm depending on the raw material that is going to be used, as well as the product that is going to be obtained. In case of doubt, please ask us about possible drum’s diameters.

    This machine is fully built in AISI-316 stainless steel, non-rust materials and plastics suitable for food use.

    Electric motor.

    Production rate: 500 kg/h. of fish.

    Service staff: 1 operator.

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