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    For fish factories on-board and inland plants

    Our crushing machines for fish remains and organic waste have been designed to grind and crush all types of waste deriving from fish processing, and reduce the size of any particle (bones, piece of meat, skin, etc.). Total grinding of waste is ensured by its grinding wheels rotating contrarywise.

    This type of machine is used both in filleting lines in on board fish factories and in processing lines in inland factories. As a security measure, we have installed an outstanding feature: an anti-jamming system which, in the event of jamming, stops and reverses grinding wheel rotation.

    This machine includes a product feed hopper.

    It is fully built in AISI-316 stainless steel and non-rust materials.

    Fitted either with electric or hydraulic drive. Its design allows us to place it both in fish factories in factory vessel and inland factories.

    Production rate: 3600 kg/h.

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