Design, Manufacturing and Installation
of Machines and Processing Lines.


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Fish Factories and Plants reorganization

Customized Technical Support


Josmar Group is specialized in designing and manufacturing processing machines for the fishing industry. We manufacture standard machinery such as: filleting machines (pelagic fish, flat fish, etc.), mince machines, splitting, peeling, skinning, crushing machines, etc. We also manufacture tailor-made machines that meet the spatial or productive needs of our clients: fish defrosters, glazing machines, blocks breakers, all types of conveyors, buffer tanks, freezer trolleys, freezer trays, fish washing machines, container turners, vibratory feeders, scalders, cephalopod processing tanks, manual filleting lines, etc


The type of services that we offer our clients in the fisheries sector include a wide range of activities such as: equipment and processing lines repair in fish factories, processing lines remodelling, design and manufacture of new fish factories, fishing vessels remodelling, installation of processing machines (filleting machines, mince machines, splitting machines, crushing machines, conveyor belts for tuna vessels, etc.) in fishing factories. Of course, we also provide all types of spare parts from our machines as part of our after-sales services.


As for the development of processing plants in the fishing industry, we can offer our customers several products in accordance with their needs. During the early stages of any project’s evaluation, we offer customized designs of the potential processing lines along with its economical offer. Afterwards, if the client already has a processing line we can offer anyway the design and manufacturing of the equipment offered, as well as a complete project including designing, manufacturing and installation of the processing line. From our experience in the fishing industry, taking the time to carefully develop the early stages of design will have a positive impact in the line production afterwards; it will also accelerate the inversion’s amortization.


The Josmar Group is working on original equipment for gutting, washing and cooking sea cucumbers on board.

The company has successfully finished the first processing line for this delicatessen, which has developed a way of bringing inland the product already cooked and ready to be prepared in the kitchens. This project is included inside the project “Sea cucumbers, new marine resource from Galicia” (Hologal), led by the Shipowners’ Cooperative of Vigo.


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